Beat Nation Art Exhibition

Beat Nation reflects a generation of artists who juxtapose urban youth culture with Aboriginal identity in entirely innovative and unexpected ways. Using hip hop and other forms of popular culture, artists create surprising new cultural hybrids in painting, sculpture, installation, performance and video that reflect the changing demographics of Aboriginal people today.

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Do Yer Bizz – Shawn Bernard ft. Joey Stylez and Hellnback

This song is an uncensored version of the original song “Do Yer Bizz” off of my new album “Collabonation” which is now available through iTunes, and over 40 other digital retailers. You can also go into any HMV and order a hard copy CD.The album features amazing talents such as Joey Stylez, Inez, Hellnback, Tomislav Milardovic, Godson and many more!

The video was directed by David Bates of The Tyrants and Produced by Kris Rurka. There are many more video’s to come in the near future so stay tuned!

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