Lil Boss Ft Indiano & ItsRokk – I Don’t Like Remix

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CN5 – The Introduction

Featuring Reign, D Thought, Jigga Jay, Bonafyde, & Dame G.  Produced by Anno Domini.

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Drezus – Outta Here

This song is Drezus’ (@drezus) ode to 80’s/90’s Hip Hop influences. We modeled the video after other 80’s/90’s music videos and album covers. Can you guess which ones? 😮

Video Produced-Directed-Shot-Edited by

  • Koj-B Films


  • Joe Ironstand, Honey Courchene, Dennis Sinclair, Dennis Scullard

Special Thanks to the awesome extra’s:

  • Kim, Hailey, Kai, Karen, Peligie, Kenny H, et al.
  • Heatbag crew et al.

Location provided by the good people at Frameproject Warehouse, Ali & Travis!